COVID-19 - Challenging times

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AEMFC remains deeply concerned about the devastating effect of the COVID 19 virus that has swept across the world, affecting many lives in our country, threatening the families and lives of our valued employees in the process.

It is for this reason that the company has put various measures in place as recommended by the World Health Organisation and the South African National Command Council chaired by the President of South Africa, having declared the country’s national state of disaster owing to the Corona pandemic. This is despite the nature of AEMFC’s business as a supplier of coal to ESKOM for electricity generation purposes and thus within an essential industry sector. The company has also implemented measures as per the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), guidelines. Some of the critical preventative measures put in force are as follows:

  • Screening of employees who are at work,
  • Provision of adequate sanitizers, gloves and masks always,
  • Addition of employees’ transportation buses to allow for social distancing to be applied and also during circumstances where physical interaction is necessary,
  • Working from home for employees who can perform their duties adequately in this way and communication utilising various technologies,
  • Continuous awareness communication and campaigns,
  • Reinforcement of prevention measures as advised by the Department of Health, amongst others being:
    • the frequent washing of hands,
    • controlled coughing or sneezing through the arc of the elbow,
    • frequently cleaning of surfaces exposed to touching, and
    • the sanitising of public areas periodically.

It is in line with this philosophy and OUR VALUES of doing the utmost to protect our employees that AEMFC supports the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s intention to intensify their mine inspection (scheduled and unannounced) to ensure strict compliance.

For us, ZERO HARM during these challenging times is key and will see our country through these trying times.

We therefore also encourage all South Africans to heed the call by the South National Command Council COVID 19 to adhere to all the preventative measures they have pronounced and without compromise for the health, safety and most importantly SAVING LIVES.

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