African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation (SOC) Ltd ("AEMFC") is the State Owned Mining Company established to secure South Africa's energy supply primarily through the mining and supply of coal for the generation of electricity, as well as securing other resources that will provide energy for the future, including key minerals for beneficiation in the energy and steel value chain.

AEMFC is currently a subsidiary of the CEF (SOC) Ltd. with its Head Office in Sandton, Johannesburg. AEMFC is a growing company, currently operating its first mine since 2011 near Ogies, Mpumalanga.

The company is managed by dynamic young talent who are carrying out the State vision with pride and who firmly believe that a sustainable entity can only thrive to deliver its mandate if anchored by sensible business principles, excellent human resources and sound financial discipline on which it is building to achieve the mandated returns for the country.

Sustainable exploration and mining to power South Africa