Remuneration, Social and Ethics and Nomination Committee

The Remuneration, Social and Ethics and Nomination Committee ("the committee") is constituted as a statutory committee of the company in respect of those statutory duties assigned to it in terms of section 72(4) of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (read in conjunction with Regulation 43 of the Companies Regulations, 2011), and as a committee of the Board of African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation SOC Ltd in respect of all other duties assigned to it by the Board.

This committee is responsible for the entity's strategic issues on human capital, remuneration, social responsibility, good corporate citizenship, ethics and compliance standards and procedures and the effective controls to guide those standards.

The Committee is guided by terms of reference that are approved by the AEMFC Board and reviewed annually.

Mr. Sipho Ngidi

Mr Sipho Ngidi


Ms Pitsi J. Mnisi

Ms Pitsi J. Mnisi


Mr Msingathi Madokwe

Mr Msingathi Madokwe